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Celestial Moth

Celestial Moth

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Moth size is 45mm (2in) due to the intricate details of the cutter

1.0mm Support Wall
3.0mm Solid, Beveled Handle
15.0mm Height
Cutter size is measured by the longest distance of the actual inside cutting edge, not the outside handle.


All cutters are 3D printed with PLA filament and may have some moderate irregularities that are to be expected with any 3D printed polymer clay cutter, but this will not affect the quality of your cutter or your cuts.


Use a generous amount of corn starch or water to prevent your clay from sticking to all your cutters with fine details.

You always want to use a ceramic tile or a piece of glass under your clay, making sure to press the clay onto the tile or glass before using your cutter to avoid having the clay stick to your cutter.


Our cutters are slightly flexible to a point but should not be bent beyond their limits or sustain too much pressure. They should be washed with warm soapy water as needed, but they are NOT dishwasher safe. PLA will melt at high temperatures.


We do not offer refunds or returns due to sanitary reasons, however, if your order arrives and there is any problems or concerns, please contact our store right away so we can make it right.

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